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Scott Corbin began working at local radio stations in the early 1980s.  During the 1990s, he began airing his own programs on local radio stations to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over the years, it has included various programs varying in length from half-hour programs to two-hour programs.  Some were pre-recorded while others were live.

In Spring 2013, as Scott had just told a manager at a local radio station that he was cancelling a program that was running at that time, Scott began praying that God would raise up a Christian radio station in the area.  As he was praying, he felt like God spoke to his heart and told him that in order for it to be a station airing the Message of the Cross 24/7, he would have to do it.

This was something that sounded like an impossibility, but Scott felt strongly that it was God that had showed and spoken this to him.  Therefore, he spoke with his wife, Nikkie, about it, and their church board, and the church members.  They began praying just for God's will to be in that situation.

In Summer 2013, while doing an internet search about starting a radio station, Scott learned that the FCC would be opening up a filing window for low power FM stations.  This meant that the FCC would be allowing some new radio stations to be started.  And this was the first time that the FCC had opened this window in 13 years.

In October 2013, the window was opened and Truth Chapel applied for the 92.1 frequency.

Soon, the listings came out, showing the names of people and organizations who had applied for frequencies.  Though there were many applicants from Spartanburg for low power FM stations, only two people had applied for 92.1.  One was Truth Chapel, and the other was a gentleman in a neighboring town.

There was some uncertaintly for a while about whether this would be a conflict, and there was a petition against Truth Chapel to deny them the construction permit.  However, by the summer of 2014, the construction permit was granted to Truth Chapel.

At that time, Truth Chapel began raising the remaining funds needed for the station, ordering equipment and preparing the studio, and much more.  In January 2015, the antenna and other remaining equipment was ordered.

Sound of Truth Radio is currently set to go on the air February 21, 2015.

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