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Sonlife Broadcasting Network

Truth Chapel is affiliated with Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and Sonlife Broadcasting Network, and airs their live programming on Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 12 Noon, on Saturday from 12 - 1 PM, and on Sundays from 3 - 6 PM.

Below is the schedule of shows from SBN and descriptions.  For more information about Sonlife Broadcasting, go to or

A Study In The Word airs from 7 - 7:30 AM.  It is a daily teaching program hosted by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. Throughout this 30-minute program, associate pastors Loren Larson, Jim Woolsey, Bob Cornell, and others join Brother Swaggart in discussing biblical genealogy, history, prophecy, and end-time events in a detailed verse-by-verse format. The rich discussions and insights offered by these men of God on a myriad of biblical topics are extremely beneficial to every believer.

Message of the Cross airs from 8 - 9:30 AM.  The Message of the Cross is hosted by Reverend Jimmy Swaggart. This live, “round table” discussion group studies Biblical topics and passages, with a systematic approach to each. With a panel of ministers, Bible professors and teachers, this program is sure to address each Biblical discussion to the fullest extent possible, and beyond. Each topic is covered in an in-depth manner to provide the viewer an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge in a way like they quite possibly have never been able to before.

Insight airs on Monday - Friday from 9:30 - 10:00 AM.  Insight is a daily program that reviews current events from a Biblical perspective. This program is hosted by John Rosenstern and Josh Rosenstern and is sure to bring the days events to light in a manner like no other.

Frances & Friends airs on Monday - Friday from 10 AM - 12 PM.  Frances and Friends is hosted by Frances Swaggart. The Frances and Friends live broadcast is a talk-show format that deals with current events, doctrinal questions and information relevant to the viewer today. With a panel of Bible teachers, ministers, scholars and advisers, the program includes guest interviews, book reviews, news information and allows audience participation with question and answer segments in each show. Frances and Friends currently has the largest audience on the SonLife Radio network.

Generation of the Cross airs on Saturday from 12 - 1 PM.  Generation of the Cross with Gabriel Swaggart is a live, interactive Bible Study hosted by Gabriel Swaggart, with a panel of other youth workers and ministers. Using the Bible as their foundation, they will address social issues, current events, and life situations that would impact today’s teenager.

Sunday AM Service from Family Worship Center airs on Sunday from 3 - 5 PM.  It features anointed music with singers like Joseph Larson, Grace Brumley, Tara Montpetit, Randy Knapps, Robin Herd, Brian Haney, Donna Carline, Martha Borg, Jill Swaggart, and more.  And it features various ministers from Family Worship Center including Bro. Jimmy Swaggart, Bro. Donnie Swaggart, Bro. Gabriel Swaggart, Bro. Loren Larson, Bro. Bob Cornell, Bro. David Borg and many more.  Each service is led under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the preaching is built on the Word of God and the Message of the Cross.

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